Joseph Nnamdi,suspected by the Cameroonian army
Joseph Nnamdi,suspected by the Cameroonian army

Following the attacks perpetrated by English-speaking separatists on September 6, 2022 in the town of Muyuka that claimed the lives of six persons , the Cameroonian defense and security forces launched a joined operation in the town of Muyuka in and in Fako Division to track the perpetrators of this tragedy which has caused a lot of pains to many families.

For now, many people have been arrested while other suspects are on the run.

The Anglophone crisis is once more a much talked issue with its own share of the scourges of war with too many dead recorded with many wounded .

September 06, 2022 is a day of mourning for the people of Muyuka , Fako division of the South-West region.

Terrorists from the imaginary Ambazonian republic executed their plans by opening fire on a public transport bus belonging to Golden Express on the Buea-Kumba road axis, at a village called Mile 30 a few kilometers from Muyuka.

The vehicle that was a victim of this terrorist attack, was coming from Douala having on board 14 passengers including 07 women and 07 men , received heavy fire power .

The cameroonian government condemns the deadly attack by English-speaking separatists.

The balance sheet of this deadly attack was six dead, of which according to the government spokesperson , the six include a woman and five men with eight persons wounded . The wounded were taken care of at the Buea regional hospital.

For the dead, they were transported to the mortuary of the same hospital pending the identification of the remains by the respective families.

At the start of the new school year when children should go back to school with the encouragement of the Cameroonian government, the separatists had threatened to attack the populations as well as the students who dared to go to school.

Faced with this tragedy, the government of the Republic of Cameroon through the press release of the Minister of Communication condemned in the strongest terms this cowardly and despicable attack perpetrated against innocent civilians by terrorists who have lost all humanity with the objective to sow terror among the population.

The Cameroonian army on the heels of terrorists and other suspects…

In this hunt for terrorists, many people within the population have been denounced and arrested for investigative purposes .

Forum Libre has learned that among the suspects seriously wanted amongst many others, by the defense and security forces is a young trader of Nigerian national named Joseph Orihe Nnamdi.

Security sources say that the young Joseph Orihe Nnamdi was denounced by anonymous people as being an accomplice of the separatist fighters who sow terror in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

During our investigations in his residence in Muyuka as well as in the market where he helps his boss to sell tarpaulins for ceremonies, it was testified that « Orihe Nnamdi is a boy without any background history who was formerly lynched by populations before fleeing because he was singled out as one of the Ambaboys’ informers ».

Forum Libre was able to learn that « the young Orihe Nnamdi arrived in Cameroon in October 2019 after fleeing the terrorist attacks of the Gunmen against the Nigerian soldiers in the State of Imo where he is from. » .
And today the military is on his heels as well as behind other suspects.
In its quest to pacify the two English-speaking regions, the Cameroonian government has decided to track down all those suspects or accomplices of the separatists who are sowing terror among the populations by preventing children from returning to school at the start of this school year.
Worthy of note , the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, which began almost six years ago, with the demand of separatists who want to dissociate themselves from Cameroon to create the State of Ambazonia, has already caused thousands of deaths and millions of internally and externally displaced.

Prince Aristide Ngueukam